Set out on the adventure of an exciting experience at around 100 meters in the air, where you will have a panoramic view of the city of Albufeira and its surrounding beaches, combining a boat trip with parasailing.

Special Low Season Offer

Price per person: €40

Price per person: €40
(including pickup/return transfer from Oura to the Marina*)

🌊 Glide through the clear skies, admiring the rugged cliffs, turquoise waters, and picturesque landscapes of Albufeira coastline. Whether it’s the warm summer sun or the serene winter charm, parasailing in the Algarve is an unforgettable adventure that beckons you to discover its magic all year long. 🌟

Starting in November, our boarding spot will be located at Albufeira Marina , next to the reception (view location).
*We can also arrange a transfer pickup (included in price) from our offices at Praia da Oura (view location) or pick you up at your hotel or accommodation, as long as it’s on the way to the marina.

Experience the thrill of soaring above the stunning Algarve coastline year-round with our winter parasailing adventures!

Quick details:

  • Departure from: Oura Beach
  • Duration of the activity: 10 minutes
  • Duration on the vessel: up to 1h20m
  • Ages: Adults
  • Children: Over 5 years old
  • Availability: Daily
  • Landing system: The experience starts and ends on the boat

The crew will share the safety briefing while preparing the harness that will later attach to the parachute.

After boarding, we will head out to the open sea where the vessel’s crew will open the parachute and begin its slow ascent while the vessel is moving, the increase in adrenaline settles in your body.

After flying over the Algarve sea in an unforgettable experience, you return to the vessel in a slow and progressive “landing” on the vessel’s platform.

The total duration of the experience, if the boat has its maximum capacity of 12 people, can be up to 1h20min. a sua capacidade máxima de 12 pessoas, poderá ser até 1h20min.

  • Check-in must be carried out up to 20 minutes before the activity, at watersports on Oura beach;
  • This activity is not recommended for children under 5 years old, pregnant women and people with back and heart problems for safety reasons.
  • Ski Molhado reserves the right to change the schedule for reasons of force majeure.
  • For safety reasons, the use of glasses is not allowed, except if they are suitable for extreme activities.
  • Single, double or triple flights are subject to the decision of the master of the vessel at the time of the activity, subject to maritime-atmospheric conditions and favorable techniques.
  • Double or triple flights for children between 5 and 12 years old must be booked with an adult.
  • Bags, backpacks and suitcases are not allowed on board the vessel, so we recommend that you leave them at our reception.
  • Ski Molhado and the insurance company are not responsible for material damage to electronic equipment, namely mobile phones, cameras, camcorders.
  • For early bookings, customers must arrive 20 minutes before the activity. In case of delay, there is no right to reimbursement;
  • Cancellations entitled to refund up to 24 hours before the activity;
  • For visits to caves and dolphin watching, if there are not a minimum of 6 passengers, a new time will be scheduled or a full refund will be given;
  • In case of cancellations due to weather conditions, unforeseen circumstances that do not allow the activity to be carried out, a new alternative time will be scheduled, otherwise a full refund will be made;
  • Cancellations that do not comply with our policy taking into account the established times will not be refunded;
  • The cancellation policy may be subject to exceptions in case of presentation of medical evidence;
  • Cancellations, for health reasons, without medical proof, less than 24 hours before the activity, refund of 50% of the total amount.
  • Online reservation
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In addition to the times shown in advance reservations, you can book directly at the beach for other specific times on the day.

This modality can be practiced in single, double or triple.

The experience itself lasts 10 minutes, however, the stay on the boat can be longer as the vessel can take up to 12 people for the activity.

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