Start an Adventure on the Twister or Stingray with your friends!

Two new fabulous “spinning” activities provide moments of real water fun.

Quick Details:

  • Activity duration: 10 minutes
  • Capacity: “Stingray”: 6 people | “Twister”: 8 people
  • Idades: Adultos
  • Crianças: “Stingray”: Recomendável (volta adequada a crianças) | “Twister”: Não recomendado
  • Disponibilidade: Diária

The “Stingray” and “Twister” are experiences towed by motor boats and provide a lot of fun and adrenaline. On the “Stingray” the participants lie down at the water level. In this activity there is a good chance of falling on a jump or a curve. It can take up to 6 people (depending on weight and sea conditions).
The “Twister” is an activity in which the participants (up to 8 people) sit inside a large buoy and it is towed by the boat. In addition to the thrill of speed and jumps, this buoy turns on itself, which makes the experience unforgettable.
Both activities are fabulous water activities for those who love extreme sports and want to try something new and exciting!🌊🏄

  • People who do not know how to swim must inform us before the activity;
  • The use of glasses is not allowed;
  • Any type of electronic equipment is not allowed;
  • It is not recommended for people with heart problems, musculoskeletal problems, back problems, fractures, dislocations, sprains, etc.;
  • For safety reasons, they must comply with the crew’s instructions.
  • Ski Molhado and the insurance company are not responsible for non-compliance with these rules.

The Twister can take up to 8 people, and the Stingray, up to 6.

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